The Young Professional’s Handbook

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Well, it is finally here and you are among the first to hear about it. My book,

The Young Professional’s Handbook
What You Need to Know Before and

After You Get the Job

The Young Professional's Handbook       

The Young Professional’s Handbook is Intended to be a primer for young men and women entering the professional workforce, it may also be of help to parents, teachers, counselors and professors.

The Young Professional’s Handbook is divided into three sections:

I. Getting the Job

II. Keeping the Job

III. Professional Development

The chapters (16 in total) in each section answer some key questions and provide guidance on a number of topics from how to research an industry in general and a company in particular to how to Manage Up. There are also chapters on Employee Agreements including what is a morals clause, asking Informed Questions, Business socializing, E-mail protocol and how to become a Student of Your Craft.  There is also a list of resources.

As you will read in the introduction, the idea for this book came after experiencing and observing over the years, young people in different states of unpreparedness for either interviewing or conducting themselves in a professional setting.

My hope is that it will be of some assistance to our young men and women as they begin their professional journey.

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