Waiting Out The Rut

It’s been more than a few days since I’ve posted here.  You probably wouldn’t think that a coach would get stuck in a rut, but that’s exactly what happened.

Actually more like stuck in my head and my story.  After a series of incidents and disappointments that I knew better not to take personally, I did any way.  People cancelled appointments at the last minute and I began to have doubts about whether my coaching services were of any value.  I didn’t like how a planned blog post was turning out, so I walked around with a draft of the first paragraph for two weeks.

In addition, I had a lot on my plate and at least half were things I needed to do but didn’t want to do.   I started experiencing bouts of procrastination that were epic.  On a flight back from one of my three trips to LA, instead of writing as I usually do, I listened to a book – for the entire 3 ½ hour flight.  When the weekend arrived, I did the same thing.  I even skipped the gym and doing the laundry.

I rarely experience periods like this, and when I do I usually push through it. It is, after all, what I would coach my clients to do.  But I didn’t feel like pushing through it this time.  I decided to wait it out.  I figured it couldn’t last that long. Besides, to be honest, it was kind of fun – being a little care free.   Then I looked at the last date of a YOU 3.0 post, one thing I look forward to doing every week.  It’s been almost a month. YIKES!

It started to dawn on me that I was about to make things more difficult for myself.  The things on my plate that I needed to do but didn’t want to do weren’t going anywhere.  I had to figure out how to turn them into things I really wanted to do.

How could I do that?  I considered the cost to my reputation for not fulfilling an obligation.    YIKES!!

The other thing I did was think about what did I have to look forward to?  Looking at my calendar, I realized that next week I will attend Black Enterprise Magazine’s Women of Power Summit.  This is my favorite conference; I think its one of the best.

This year, Cicely Tyson and Myrlie Evers will be honored. The agenda is packed with powerful speakers and sessions, as usual.  I can’t wait. Last year I met the real Olivia Pope, Judy Smith, the living definition of phenomenal woman.   The location of the Women of Power summit doesn’t hurt either. Boca Raton, Florida.  Nothing like a few days of sunshine and temperatures considerably higher than freezing.  This Chicago winter has been absolutely brutal.

Finally, I had to ask myself, “Deborah, what type of thinking are you using and is your thinking leading to your goal?”

The answers were small picture thinking and no.  That was enough to snap me out of it, especially since my planned posts were on the types of thinking successful people use.  Also, because I know that what you think about you bring about.

Rut time is over!  I’m back on point now and on my mission.


Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP

Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Personal and Executive Coach


YOU 3.0 Question of the week: How do you get yourself out of a rut?


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