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Right to the point!  There are 168 hours in a week: 7 days X 24 hours = 168 hours.

How many of those hours, excluding sleep do you take for yourself doing something just for you? Something like catching up on reading your favorite author, working out, visiting a friend or working on your dream.

It is unbelievable how difficult this is for women to do for themselves, especially those with families.  Someone always needs something, always calling your name, never considering for a moment that you just might need a break or be tired.  After all, what else could you possibly need or be interested besides them?

Remember the old adage “a woman’s work is never done”?  It would seem that we work had to make that notion an absolute truth.  But it’s not an absolute truth.  It’s a choice.

We have to be willing to say no sometimes.  We have to be willing to claim what we need.

A client recently shared with me that she literally only has one hour a week to herself.

As a result, she feels rushed and harried and unable to catch up with herself most of the time.  What’s more, she doesn’t believe her family would agree that she needs or even deserves more time to herself.

“How is that possible?”, I asked.  What if you told them that you needed more time for yourself for your sanity. What do you suppose they would say?  Would they support you in that?  She doesn’t even have to think about it, without hesitation, she says “no”.   They would consider that selfish.

“ Selfish? How is that possible?”, I ask again.

I am stunned and reminded all at the same time of how so many women live in environments that are not nurturing and not supportive.  Their needs are ignored and invalidated, ironically, by those who are closest to them and depend on them most.

And it shows.  Yes it does.  It shows up in their health. It shows up in the amount of weight they are carrying on their bodies, or the not so healthy habits they have acquired in an attempt to soothe a soul ache.

Taking time for yourself is critical to your survival.  It is key to catching up with your thoughts and feelings and renewing yourself for those who are important to you is directly tied to how well you take care of yourself.   For each of us, the quality of what we give of ourselves, what we give to our families and indeed the world comes from our overflow.  If we are not taking time to refill our reservoirs, it will not be long before we are running on empty – below empty.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what happens to an engine that continues to run without fuel.  It will eventually stop and often suffer immeasurable and sometimes irrevocable damage.  No one would do that to a car, especially if you depend on it for daily and necessary transportation.  So, why would you allow the most important engine in your life – you – to run on empty for extended time?

As Dr. Phil pointed out in a recent talk on Life Class , “you are no good to anyone if you are emotionally bankrupt… Self nurturing is not selfish.”

Make time for yourself this week and every week where possible.  Find at least one hour that’s all yours. Take a look at your schedule.  How can you make time for yourself at no one else’s expense?  How can you enlist your family to help you create time for you in your schedule?

Already have time carved out?  Congratulations! Enjoy every second of it.

“You have to be willing to take care of you first.” Maya Angelou

If finding balance is a challenge for you, give me a call for a complimentary session and learn how working with me as your personal confidential coach can help you.

Believe and live forward,




Empowering question of the week:  How will you make time for yourself this week?

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