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What’s In Your Quiver?

What’s In Your Quiver?

What’s in your quiver?  This is a question I often ask clients when they are unsettled about what they bring to the job marketplace, be it current or future.

A quiver, of course, is the pouch or bag that holds arrows. The idea of a quiver is to make for quick access and deployment of the arrows the moment they are needed.   I like to think of the skills and talents we have as arrows that can be used in pursuit of accomplishing a task or goal.  Most people have many more skills than they realize; many more arrows in their quiver than they are aware of and therefore do not use.

It is a good thing, every now and then, to take an inventory of what you have learned and acquired in the way of skills over the years and see how they can be put to use differently or for something new.  I have yet to have a client do this exercise and not be amazed at what they discovered about themselves.  It has a particularly interesting effect on women.  Actually,  a dramatic effect on women would be more accurate. I could tell you stories……

Finding out what’s in your quiver is a rather simple three step exercise, although it may take you some time to do it.  A lot of the things we do in the course of our everyday lives we do not look at as a skill.  And we seldom see what comes natural to us as a talent.  Its just what we do.  But all the same, they are arrows in our quiver, and becoming conscious of what they are and how to leverage them can make all the difference.

Step 1: On a clean sheet of paper or where ever you record notes, ideas and your thoughts, list all of the skills you have used in a position of employment, volunteer work, running a business, or running a household.

Be as specific as possible.  Skills can and should include everything from budget development and organizing to management of people, meeting planning or planning play dates and ordering supplies. Nothing is too mundane to include on the list.  It can always be deleted later.

Step 2: Once you have compiled the list of all you know how to do, review it and rate the things you believe you do really well.  You might want to color code them with a highlighter or use some method that will help you see at a glance the things you do well and not so well.

Step 3: Focus on the skills you do really well and answer the following questions:

  1. Of the skills you do really well, how many are you currently using?
  2. How many of those skills are reflected on your current resume?
  3. Which of those skills need updating? What will it take to update them?
  4. How can you use those skills in a different capacity? Are they transferable to other industries?
  5. If you are in between positions, which of the skills can you use to generate income right now? How?

Knowing what’s in your quiver and understanding how to leverage your skills is critical in today’s marketplace.  Every industry is undergoing rapid change thanks to technological advancements and globalization.  How and where you fit will largely depend on how you market your skills and talents.

Next week we’ll look at some additional steps you can use with what you found in your quiver.  Until then, make that list.  Not everything will occur to you all at once.  Over the course of a few days,  maybe even a week or two, skills you have acquired will pop into your head.  Write them down.

It is always good to have an objective ear to help you navigate this terrain.  Recruit the truth teller in your inner circle to assist you or, work with a coach.  Coaches are dedicated to listening to you and helping you to uncover your strengths,  truths and fears without judgement.

Until next time,

Believe and live forward,



Coach DGray-Young

Coach DGray-Young


Empowering question of the week:  How many arrows are in your quiver?

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