Speak Your Dreams

Speak Your Dreams

D. Gray-Young

There’s a school of thought that says “don’t talk about it, you might jinx it”.  We don’t subscribe to negative energy here at You 3.0. We encourage you to speak your dreams out loud – to yourself. Yes, that’s right,to yourself. Why? Because words have power, and they will not return unto you void. What you think about,  you bring about, and your words are your thoughts verbalized.

Speak your dream out loud so that you feel the vibration of your thoughts and words as you send them forth into the ethers to do your bidding.  Speak your dream out loud so that you can hear your heart’s desire clearly. When you hear your dreams outloud, it helps you see them clearer.  Nothing like a clear and strong vision to spark the beginnings of a plan.

So go ahead. Speak your dreams out loud to yourself. Then get ready to move into action, for your words will not return to you void. They will return with ideas to help manifest that which you say you want.

And as always, working with a professional coach can help you walk into your new reality.

Empowering Question of the Week: What dream will you dare to speak out loud?


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