Shut It Down

Shut It Down

By D. Gray-Young

 Watching  one of my favorite Sunday program, Next Chapter on OWN, I was stunned to hear a two time Oscar winning actress proclaim that she did not believe she was  good enough to get a major movie role that she desperately wanted.  She went on to say that she has this little voice in her head constantly telling her she’s not good enough.

 WOW! I thought, and she has the trophies to prove that she’s got what it takes to play this role.  She has ample proof that the little voice in her head was dead wrong.  Yet that little voice in her head still influenced her; tried to constrain her in her insecurities.

 That little voice is what we commonly refer to as a gremlin or inner critic.  It’s that little nagging voice that likes to remind of us of our limitations, flaws and keep us believing that we are not capable of accomplishing our goals and desires.

 If that little voice can derail an award winning actress, then what about the rest of us?  Those with awards and trophies as well as those without any; what kind of havoc could an inner critic wreak on our confidence and our vision for our selves.   

 It got me to thinking. What could we accomplish if we just shut that inner critic down? What would happen if we just gagged it unless it promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about us. We might be flawed, but that doesn’t mean we’re not good enough.  It doesn’t mean that we’re not worthy.  I prefer to think of flaws as the things that give us character and make us unique. 

 How about we try a little experiment?  What if we pretended that it didn’t exist and we just ignored the fear-based-progress stopping inner critic for 24 hours?  Observe what a difference it makes in your day.  Make note of what you are able to break through and accomplish when you ignore your personal naysayer.

 The Oscar winning actress did just that. She prepared and studied and prepared and saw herself playing that role.  She was convinced, she said, that she was born to play that part.

 And play it, she did.   Sally Field was nominated for an Oscar for her performance and portrayal of Mary Todd Lincoln in the 2012 film, Lincoln. Although she didn’t win the Oscar this time, the nomination itself was a huge affirmation that she was good enough, and not too old to realize her dream.  

 If Sally Field can push through her doubts and insecurities and accomplish her dream, so can you and I. So let’s shut that inner critic down and let’s get busy.  There are dreams with our name on them that are waiting for us to bring them forth. 

 Empowering question of the week: What did you do in spite of your inner critic’s urging? 

Drop me a note and let me know how you did.  In the meantime, make it an empowerwing week.

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How Sally Field Fought for the Role of Mary Todd Lincoln</p><p class=’shareDescription’>Oscar®-Watch as Sally tells Oprah about the long casting process for Lincoln, the rejection and the magical moment she shared with Daniel Day-Lewis, the film’s leading man.</p> 

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