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In a previous post,   “How Do Others View You, Really?” we talked about style and attitude as the energy we show up with and how the energy we display influences others’ perception of us.

Another major roadblock is not being taken seriously.  If you are not being taken seriously in your role, there are any number of reasons why.  But let’s start by understanding another aspect of how you might be perceived within your organization.

Take a selfie.  Not a picture of you doing something fun, but rather a self-examination to honestly answer the following questions in no more than 15 seconds:

When you are at work, what do people come to you for?  Or another way to ask that question is what are you the go-to person for in your department or organization?

If it’s more than one thing, list them.  For example, are you the instant restaurant guide and music and movie critic? Are you the walking entertainment and celebrity Wikipedia?

What are you the go-to-person for?

What are you the go-to-person for?

Have your short list?

Here is another quick exercise.  Take 15 seconds and write down the 3 top trends or challenges in your industry, field or company.

How closely related are your two selfies?  In other words, is what you are known for and what people come to you for related to your role in the organization or your knowledge of your industry or business acumen?

Or are the two totally disparate? You can see where I’m going with this.

If your answer to the first set of selfies is not what you would like to be the go-to-person for, then what would you like to be the go-to-person for?  Write that down.

What would it take to be that person and how important is that to you?

How would it feel to be that person?  Take some quiet time to record your thoughts.

If you had difficulty with the second set of selfies, you also have some work to do.

If your selfies are not what you want them to be, all is not lost. There are some very intentional steps you can take to change that; become a “Student of Your Craft”.   It will require you to be focused, committed and willing to invest in yourself.

Want to be taken seriously, start by making sure you have eliminated self-imposed stumbling blocks.  We face enough challenges on any given day without adding to the pile ourselves.


Life is about choices.  What do you choose for you today?


Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP

Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Personal and Executive Coach



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