Own Who You Are


“You mean I can’t attack?” 

“You can,.  It just won’t work.” 

Two lines of dialogue from the Saturday morning cartoon show,  Yu-Gi-Oh*. 

In this age when mean spirited behavior, language and comments are considered the new sport and entertainment, it would do us all some good to bear in mind that words can sting but only if we allow them. 

 Learning not to take things personally has become a necessity.  The headlines are filled with stories of people young and mature who have taken some drastic action in response to someone else’s behavior or words.  And as networks gear up for next season, expect more catabolic offerings on the program menus. 

 We can’t own what other people think or believe.  But we can fully own who we associate with and how much of ourselves we expose to channels that are unbridled.    We can ignore the pettiness and meanness of others.  We can fully own how we present ourselves to the world.

 None of this is possible unless we fully own who we are.  To fully own who we are means we are living our definition of ourselves, not some one else’s idea of who they think we should be. 

Stand up inside of yourself and own who you are.  People can say whatever they want, but only you can decide whether what they say matters; whether their attack will work. Whatever they say or do, there is one truth they will never be able to dispute.

There is only one of you

Life is about choices.  What will you choose for you today?



Empowering question of the week: How much does what other people say or think influence your choices?



*Yu-Gi-Oh, Mime control pt. one

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