Each of us has had the experience of making a choice we wish we could undo, spoken words we wish we could snatch back from the ethers.

 We torment ourselves by playing the situation over and over in our minds.  What we should have done, what we should have said, all building the perfect foundation for vivid regrets. But life has no room for regrets.  The energy it takes to fuel regrets can and should be redirected to new ideas, new directions and new choices.  Regrets focus our attention to the past, something we can’t do anything about.

 So while we cannot undo what’s been done, un-speak what’s been spoken, we can do the next best thing;Forgive ourselves and let that stuff go. 

 We would be well advised to stop giving energy to regrettable situations. Their sole purpose is to teach us something about ourselves, so learn what you can from them.  Moving forward, commit to making more conscious choices about how you respond in words and or deeds.    

When next you find yourself faced with potential regrets, take some time to learn from the situation.  Get the lesson that’s in it for you and then release it.  Let it go. 

 Think and Believe forward to You 3.0




Empowering question of the week:  How have regrets changed the trajectory of your life?

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