Labor vs. Service

Today is Labor Day in the U.S.  Its the official acknowledgement of workers and the work we do. Labor is defined as “productive activity, especially for the sake of economic gain”. The day will be celebrated with sales and get togethers and lots of food and fun marking the end of summer.

A great many people do not like the work they do.  No sooner than Monday morning rolls around, they are already looking forward to Friday, lamenting not having won the lottery over the weekend.

What if wservice concepte reconsidered our work as a needed service that we provide?  Whether we work on an assembly line or serve piping hot coffee with eggs over easy; mop floors or empty bed pans, run multimillion dollar enterprises or deliver long awaited packages, the service we provide is important and somewhere, someone is depending on us to deliver that service excellently.

Companies that understand this from the top down often have a higher quality of customer service and a more profitable outlook.  The care with which they treat their employees, comes through to the care that is shown to customers. It can have a direct impact on sales and profitability, the key ingredients of making payroll for any business.

There is not a person we know who doesn’t have a horrific customer service story to share.  Hopefully all of us have some good stories to share as well.

 As physical expressions of Divine Intelligence, the service each of us renders is crucial to what makes the world go around.  Service is not just an exchange of money for goods and services, or an exchange of skills for wages, its an exchange of energy.  And energy always attracts like energy.  At the end of the day, the service we give is the service we receive. They are inextricably linked; what goes around comes around.  There’s no dodging that.

Happy Labor Day!  Eat, drink, and be merry.  Team of Workers

On Tuesday, return to the service you provide.  It is needed and will make a difference in some one’s life somewhere.

Coach DGray-Young

Coach D. Gray-Young

Empowering Question of the Week:  Would you accept the quality of the service you provide?


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