We’re At The Halfway Mark

Are You Halfway There?

The third quarter is officially underway. That means we are half way through the year.

How much have you achieved on that list you made back in December? Hopefully you can check off at least one thing. Great if you can check off several.

The halfway mark is usually a good time to stop for a minute and check in with yourself. What’s working and what isn’t? What changes or improvements need to be made?

There’s still time to develop a personal strategic action plan so that 2016 does not find you standing still in the current status quo. It’s great if things are going well. However, that is not an invitation to become complacent. What do you want to be stronger in next year? Whatever it is, now is the time to begin strategizing how to achieve that.

What’s your plan for achieving more balance? Yes, you need a plan, otherwise it’s just a wish and you’re hoping balance will come out of the madness. You know my POV on hope: It’s not a strategy.
its better to look back and say
What’s on your plate that shouldn’t be there because you didn’t say no? What are you owning that is not yours to own because you feel compelled to rescue someone even though it stretches you way too thin? Have you trained people, especially family to rely on you for everything?

What is going on in your industry or your place of employment that you should be more on top of? Take some time to lift your head and quietly survey what’s going on?

A lot of companies are currently going through or planning reorganizations. If the company you work for is one of them, pay attention. Don’t get caught off guard. Take an inventory of your skills and expertise and understand how they are transferable. If your skills are not up to date, develop a plan to remedy that. There are too many resources that are free or inexpensive that can help you acquire competency in key skills. Invest in yourself. Don’t get left behind.

DebTalks has spent the last few weeks decoding “What do they mean when they say…?” performance evaluation speak. All of the scenarios were based on actual occurrences. If any of the scenarios hit home, what are you doing to counter “what they said” in your next evaluation discussion? As noted, leaving isn’t always the solve. Download a copy of Five Steps to Becoming Politically Savvy

Finally, what are you reading that will ignite your imagination? There’s nothing like a good story to engage your power of imagination. For me, it’s spies and intrigue. Anything by Daniel Silva, David Baldacci or Walter Mosley. It’s like going on vacation without having to fight airports and airlines. It’s cheaper too.

Until next time, Believe and Live Forward!

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  1. Wanda Demons

    Hello Debra,
    I could not access the link above to download Five Steps
    to Becoming Politically Savvy.

    • admin

      Hi Wanda. Check your in-box. Thank you for reading this week’s post.


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