Distracted Beyond Distraction

The New Season of Procrastination

The new season of procrastination is underway.  Hours and hours of programming disguised as must see TV, some of it good, most of it not.  Millions of dollars are being spent on various ways to distract us from what we should be paying attention to in order to pay attention to other people living out their dreams. There are even major viewing parties being held to usher in season premieres.

We have become consumed with other people’s lives.  Hundreds of hours are spent watching and talking about other people’s misadventures and misfortunes.  Hours are spent on social networks and texting and Tweeting, so much so, we have trained our minds to only be able to take in information in 15 second bursts or 140 characters.

We are more curious about the activities of a variety of housewives, desperate in Atlanta and Beverly Hills and otherwise.

The New Season of Distraction Has Begun.

The New Season of Distraction Has Begun

We are tuned in by the millions judging those who can sing and those who cannot, those who can dance and those who cannot, those who want to marry rich and beautiful and those destined not; Those who can cook and those who learned they cannot.

We are literally distracted beyond distraction.  We are drawn to red carpet poses and red sole shoes.  Entertained by meanness and name calling and face slapping.

We are anesthetized to the impact on our consciousness, our compassion, and our children.   It shows up in how we treat each other and how we treat ourselves.

How we treat ourselves shows up in what we expect and accept.

Wonder what would happen if we spent just a little less time being distracted watching other people fulfill their dreams and focused on our vision and purpose.

I’ve heard all of the reasons.

“It’s my guilty pleasure”.

“Its mindless entertainment.”

“It helps me wind down.”

“I deserve a break at the end of a long day.”

As distracted as we are, when do we have time to listen to that still small voice that would direct our path to greater possibilities for ourselves?  What if instead of watching a script being played out by actors, we spent time developing the vision for the life we want to live?

Decrease your distraction.  Leverage technology to assist you. Give thanks for the genius invention of DVRs, the fourth best invention ever behind the automobile, dishwasher and the internet. This time next year, be amazed at what less distraction can produce in your life.  Keep a journal and share the exciting synchronicities you are sure to experience.


Life is about choices.  What do you choose for you today?


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Coach D.Gray-Young

Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP
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Empowering Question of the Week: How are your distractions impacting your life?

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