Determine Your Mindset

 “I need the mindset of where I’m going, but I have the mindset of where I’ve been.  Until you get rid of the mindset of where you’ve been, you will never be able to seize where you’re going.”  Bishop TD Jakes

 It’s a rather simple truth.  In order to reach a destination, you actually need to travel in the direction of the destination.  If you want to go north, you can’t get there traveling south.  This simple truth applies to our lives as well.  The direction of our lives is fully powered by our mindset. Our mindset is made up of what believe to be true and possible for us.

 If we want to move forward, we can’t possibly get there if we are constantly focused on the past. 

Here’s a little known but powerful secret.  At any given moment you can change the trajectory of your life with a single thought, a single choice.  Your mindset makes all the difference in your world.   

So what if you have made some choices in the past that had less than desirable results.  There isn’t a thing you can do about that except learn from it, forgive yourself and others involved and release it.  The most important, however, is forgiving yourself.  This more than anything else will keep you from moving forward.   It happened.  It can’t be undone.  The question now is, what mindset will you choose to fuel your life from this moment on?  Only you can decide that.  Only you can make the choice of how you live and what you think and believe from this moment on. 

Which will you choose: The mindset of where you’ve been or the mindset of where you’re going?” 

Not sure how to get started?  Working with a coach can help you.   Give me a call or drop me a note. 

Make it an empowering week.


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