Three Critical Questions

 In his latest book, Life Code, that debuted at the top of  the New York Times best seller list, Dr. Phil asks 3 critical questions:

  1.    What are you doing that’s working?
  2.    What do you need to stop doing that’s getting in the way of what you want?
  3.    What do you need to start doing to get to where you want to go?

These questions require us to be brutally honesty with ourselves; and in the privacy of our own minds, we know the answers to these questions.

 Sometimes the answers have to be pulled out of us because we have hidden them under a mountain of excuses built up over the years.  Excuses cleverly disguised as family, work, and other people’s business. 

 All of us have become very clever at burying our goals and dreams.  And if we haven’t buried them, we have stuffed them inside of self-doubt and other people’s doubt.  All of these dynamics amount to procrastination. 

 We like to pretend that we we’re not really procrastinating , that we’re busy beyond belief.  While it’s true for some, not so for most of us, myself included.  We hope no one else sees through our little ruse that we are playing with ourselves.

 Go ahead, get out that notebook.  (Since most season finales were last week, you should have at least an hour freed up) and start making notes to answer the first question.  We’ll tackle the second question next week

 What are you doing that’s working?  Nothing is too small to note. Congratulate yourself for each accomplishment. Now look at each thing that is working for you and determine what you can leverage from that to help you reach your goal. How can you extend the success of what’s working to another area of your life?

 If you find yourself stuck, enlist the services of a professional coach to help you excavate your answers.  and look at them honestly.  Your coach will help you see the patterns and possibilities and hold you accountable for developing your road map, all the while being objective and championing you on. 

 If you don’t have a coach, give me a call to schedule your complimentary session.  In that session, you will learn more about how coaching can help you identify what’s really blocking you and how to get unblocked. 

 Empowering question of the week:  What are you doing that’s working that you can make work even better for you?

 Life is about choices.  What do you choose for you today?





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