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The Scary Season Has Arrived

What could be scarier than that long protracted brutal winter that has finally cleared out of here?  Except Colorado it seems, where they just experienced more snow.

Just what is the scary season, you ask?  And what makes it scary?

Well, the scary season for me is summer and what makes it scary is how women dress for work when the temperature even threatens to approach 80. We’re just 48 hours past Memorial Day when it is fashionably okay to wear white and other summer fashions and we have already begun the trek down the slippery slope.

Here’s a short primer especially since the scary season of fashion is upon us and dresses are also very much en vogue:

  1. Get right sized. Tight clothes are neither becoming nor healthy.
  2. Minimize the cleavage.  I watched with horror recently as a morning news personality approached the camera with her bra and breast peeking through the v neck of her dress.  Probably made the camera man’s day, but they had to go to commercial rather quickly.
  3. The right length.  A dress should be no more than one to two inches above the knee.  You know before you leave the store whether the dress is too short.  If you have to ask someone whether a dress is too short, you already know the answer.  Leave it there if it is.

Make sure your clothes fit well.  Just because a style is popular, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. You might think me old school, but I promise you that if I showed you a video of you walking and sitting in your too short dress, not only will you understand immediately, but you will be horrified by what you see.

What’s more, if you knew what men really think and say about the too short dresses, too tight pants, see through tops, no bra tops that women wear, you would wish for the grand style of the 40’s if not the 1800’s.

Too short and too bare never appropriate for the office

Too short and too bare are never appropriate for the office

I happened upon such a conversation last summer as some young men were commenting on the various stages of undress the young women in the office were exhibiting.  As it turned out, none of them found it attractive or appealing.  I was stunned so of course I had to ask why they didn’t find the shorts and see through tops attractive.  “They’re on display” said one.  They all basically agreed:  “if they are on display for everyone to see, they are not for me.”  Well alrighty then!

I am always amazed and amused at what people, especially young ladies think is appropriate attire in an office setting.  It’s why summer is the scary season for me.

Here are some other items that are never appropriate to wear to the office even if your company does not have a dress code:

  • Short shorts (any kind of shorts actually, but leave the daisy dukes home please)
  • Micro mini dresses or skirts
  • Halter tops or dresses
  • Sun dresses without a jacket or shrug
  • Strapless dresses without a jacket or shrug
  • Midriff tops
  • Spaghetti strap tank tops
  • Cami’s as street wear
  • Pajamas (or looking like you slept in what you are wearing.)
  • Leggings without a long top
  • Flip flops

I list leggings here, but I have actually given up that fight.  It’s like pushing water up hill now.  (I’ve given up the fight on flip flops too.) My team has explicit instructions on what to do if I show up in the office wearing leggings:

Go get LJ who will then call my husband or my friend Betty because one of two things has happened; I’ve either had a total breakdown or I have quit – which, BTW is different from resigning.

Did I mention that because a style is popular doesn’t mean it’s appropriate?  Should I also mention that just because a style is sold in all sizes doesn’t mean all sizes should buy it?

This is not about old school vs. today.  It’s about how we present ourselves to the world.

Ultimately, how you present yourself tells people how you want to be treated and it is solely your responsibility.  Take that responsibility seriously and be intentional about it, whether its 32 º or 85º.

You can look professional and be comfortable this summer season.

Until next time,

Life is about choices.  What are you choosing for you today?

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Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP

Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Personal and Executive Coach


YOU 3.0 Question of the week:  Does your summer wardrobe need refreshing so that you can be comfortable and professional?

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