“Age Shall Not Be a Barrier to Ambition”

Age Is A Vault of Wisdom

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“Age shall not be a barrier to ambition.”  Today as I am blessed with the opportunity to celebrate another birthday, I remind myself of this.  This was the headline of an HSBC ad of all things, that leaped out at me as I walked down a jet way in the Miami airport.

It’s a temptation those of us of a certain age face often. You awake one birthday morning suddenly aware that the calendar is moving faster than you realized. There is less road ahead than behind you and the list of things you still want to do, still want to experience does not seem to have gotten shorter.  The fact is, we probably haven’t done much about that list.

The thought of it all could paralyze you if you let it.  However, if you are reading this then you still have breath in your body which means your work – your mission is not done. Your skills, gifts and talents are still needed.  And there’s plenty to see and do.

“As long as you have breath”, says minister and author Joel Osteen, “ somebody needs what you have.  Somebody needs your gifts.  Somebody needs your talent.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of listening in on a one on one conversation with the legendary Myrlie Evers Williams.  She was able to build and live a remarkable life after suffering the devastating murder of her civil rights activist husband, Medgar Evers, in 1963.   Now 80 and stunning as ever, Myrlie Evers Williams is looking forward to her next chapter in a long and substantive career.  She’s not sitting down.  She shared with us that she is looking forward to writing the next volume of her memoir.

Former President Jimmy Carter, speaking at the Women In The World conference in New York, indicated no sign of slowing down.  At 89, he has written 30 books and was working on the next one.

Then there is the legendary icon Dr. Maya Angelou.  Dear Dr. Maya made her transition at 86 and left behind the most impressive body of work that will inspire generations to come.  Her legacy includes over 30 books of autobiographies, poetry, cook books and children’s books.  She also wrote plays, musicals and television programs.  She was a true renaissance woman that explored and exploited all of her talents.  She lived fully and fearlessly.  Age was not a barrier to her ambition or imagination.

What have you talked yourself out of because you think you are not young enough to take it on?  Continue to daydream and wonder what could be, then take action to make it happen.

I will not let age be a barrier to my ambition.  I want to see more and do more.  I want to learn more.  So I will honor age as a vault of wisdom acquired through the vast and rich experiences I have been blessed with.  I will and let those experiences support me as I step out of my comfort zone to experience yet more wonders of this thing called life.

After all, age is only just a number and a mindset.

Continue to be blessed and a blessing,

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