Activate Your Intention

Part Three in a Series

In part one of this series What Are Your Intentions?, we discussed that intention is the key difference between our goals and dreams becoming a reality and being just a wish list.  In part two, the YOU 3.0 January 1st post Set Your Intention,  the first steps of setting our intention were outlined:

  • Be clear and specific
  • Align your thinking and feeling
  • Engage your imagination and visualization
  • Write out your intention and post it as a daily reminder
  • Be open to ideas, direction and resources
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to learn and expand

Now, for the fun part.  It’s time to build a plan of action to activate your intentions in order to realize your goals.  Taking action is the critical part of the intention equation.  Action brings what you hope for from the invisible (only visible in your mind) to the visible.

There’s no escaping it.  No matter what size goal or dream you have, planning your action steps helps make success more achievable.

So why not just jump into building an action plan straight from goals?  Why bother with setting intentions and aligning our thinking and feeling?

We must take the right action.  Purposeful and intentional action that aligns with what we say we want.  Orderly steps!   Otherwise we run the risk of thrashing about and getting discouraged.  Next thing you know, its December 31st again.

It’s easy to have goals and dreams.   Taking action is where most of us get stuck.  It’s at the threshold of action that fear in all of its clever forms and disguises shows up in expected and unexpected ways.  Fear has one mission, and one mission only:  “How can I stop thee? Let me count the ways!”

Planning our action steps also forces us to ask necessary questions and discover information gaps.  It also reinforces what we know and have in hand.  The best part about building a plan is you don’t have to keep everything in your head.  You are bound to forget something or worse, overlook something.  When you get it all written down, you can review, revise and refine as you go.   However, revising and refining can be a form of fear as well, otherwise known as procrastination.  Because it is easy to let yourself off the hook, ask someone you respect a great deal to hold you accountable for your action steps and timeline.

Know this:  If you have the idea, goal or dream, then it can be realized.  It would not have been given to you if it were not possible.

So get started.  Here’s a tool to help you.  The S.M.A.R.T.  approach to planning your action steps.  This can be used for every phase of your goal, regardless of the size.


Fair Warning:  Once you start this process, the flood gate of ideas will open.  Create a parking lot so that the ideas that are not directly related to your primary goal do not become distractions.

Don’t forget to keep track of the synchronicities. They will inspire and empower you.


Until then

Believe and live forward!

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Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP

Coach D.Gray-Young, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Personal and Executive Coach


YOU 3.0 Question of the Week:  What are  your first three action steps?  Write them out and commit to a date that you will have them completed.


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