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Deborah Gray-Young, Certified Personal & Executive Coach


I am a Certified Professional Coach trained by one of the premiere coaching schools in the US, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  IPEC’s comprehensive and rigorous ICF accredited curriculum prepared me to provide the highest quality coaching techniques and services to you.

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, I am certified as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  Translation:  I am certified in an assessment tool that can help you better understand how your thoughts and feelings are creating and influencing your life.  Once one is consciously aware of how their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy are serving them on any given day, they are empowered to consciously manage and direct where that energy is focused.

This is critical to understanding how to be conscious of what you believe and how you show up and how not to be an unwitting victim to your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs as well as others.   In short, how to minimize if not entirely eliminate the drama from your life and not be impacted by other people’s drama.

Why certification?

Why certification in a field that is not regulated?  Because I so strongly believe in the power of coaching to help transform lives, I felt it important to be trained and certified by the best.  I owe that to my clients; you deserve nothing less.

I’ve Been Where You Are

I’m a long way from where I started in the housing projects in the East Bronx.

My path began studying journalism and ending up in advertising. I started at the beginning – as a receptionist for a magazine- not the middle as a manager and certainly not at the top as the daughter of an influencer.  I worked my way up.

I’ve been in the trenches and took advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves clearing a path for myself and hopefully those coming behind me.

I’ve been sized up every way you can think of, sat in a corner and ignored, passed over and intellectually dismissed. But in the famous words of Maya Angelou “and still I rise.”

I’ve been where you are.  I am here today because nothing has been big enough or bad enough to break me. Not because they didn’t try. But because I made it my business to be better and stronger. As a client once complained about me to a former boss, “she’s good at what she does, the problem is she knows it.” The fact of the matter is, if I didn’t know it for me, no one else was certainly going to know it for me.

I’ve had a 30+ year career with a few awards and accomplishments sprinkled in to keep it interesting.   My secret?   The cornerstone of everything I do is based on excellence and integrity.

Accomplishments and Awards

  • Author, YOU 3.0: Overcoming Roadblocks for Professional Women of Color, March 2015
  • Author, The Young Professional’s Handbook, September 2014
  • Executive Coach, 10th Anniversary Women of Power Conference, March 2015
  • Advisory Board, Black Life Coaches Network
  • Facilitator, Professional Women of Color Network
  • Member, The B.O.S.S. Network
  • Mentor, MAFA Chicago
  • 2013 MAAX Advertising Executive of Year
  •  2013  Black Enterprise Top Women in Advertising and Marketing
  • 2011 Black Enterprise Top Women in Advertising and Marketing
  • 2009 Woman of Excellence
  • 2005 Outstanding Moderator
  • 1998 PRAME Award

My mission now is to help you do what I did. Blaze a trail.

If you are a woman of color who has been working in her profession for 10 years or more and are:
• Still trying to make headway
• Battling stereotypes
• Not being taken seriously by senior management or peers
• Lacking cooperation and collaboration from peers and/or direct reports
• Needing to better understand how you are perceived by peers
• Trying to navigate the “old boys network”

Then you are an ideal candidate for YOU 3.0 coaching programs.  Join the YOU 3.0 mailing list so that you can be kept up to date on webinars and teleclasses. Or drop me a note.

Life is about choices.  What will you choose for you today?

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