“Insights without a judgmental eye”

Says one client, “there is nothing like someone who can truly get to those insights without a judgmental eye, but a spirit of guidance and true concern for your success.” Another client offered, “Deborah offers no “magic pill’, just good solid guidance that made me focus and gain clarity around my goals.” Read more …

The Client

 “I never felt I needed a professional coach”.

After all, I’m highly educated with great work experience and have achieved a moderate level of financial success. But I was unhappy with my professional career and life overall and constantly felt I was on an endless and undefined destination. Deborah has helped me unlock my real purpose and put me on a path to realizing my true potential and I’m now on the path to living the life I’ve always dreamed of living. She doesn’t employ tricks or gimmicks, rather techniques to unlock your personal power. She has helped me connect the dots, gain focus and most of all believe. I could go on and on about the breakthroughs I have experienced under her expert tutelage. If you are ready for a real change in your life then I highly recommend Deborah Gray-Young as a professional coach. It is by far, the best personal investment I’ve ever made. There is a saying that states when the student is ready the teacher will appear. If you are ready give her a call. You will be forever transformed”.

Lynette, IL