35 Days and Counting

35 Days and Counting

 D. Gray-Young

 Its 35 days into the New Year and those daunting resolutions we make.  Right about now the enthusiasm we started out with to change or reverse some unproductive habit, right about now that enthusiasm is beginning to fade. 

 Enthusiasm is sometimes difficult to sustain, especially if we have set a huge goal for ourselves.  While we certainly need to keep our end result in mind, its much easier to achieve that goal if we break it down into smaller manageable steps.  This helps us to see the progress achieved through persistence.  You can’t lose 10 pounds in one day.  It’s physically impossible to say nothing of being unsafe.  But 10 pounds in a month is a more manageable goal, although still aggressive.  Some things work better than others with aggressive timelines.

 If you are writing a book for example, you can conceivably accomplish a lot in a month if you are disciplined and stick to a schedule.  It could certainly be easier than losing ten pounds in a few days, although I know some authors who would disagree. 

 When we set aggressive timelines for achieving our goals, we potentially set ourselves up for disappointment. It helps to be able to measure some progress.   But it also helps to remember that time is going to pass anyway, so we might as well use the time to accomplish what we say we want.  The flip side is, how will you feel a year from now when 365 days have passed and you are no closer to your goal. 

 You need a plan.  A good plan takes into account both peaks and valleys of energy and enthusiasm you might experience.  A big part of a successful plan is also patience.

 Its always helpful to enlist someone to help hold you accountable for sticking to your game plan. This is where enlisting the services of a professional coach can be extremely beneficial.   

 As a professional coach, my commitment to my clients is to listen to them intently, guide them to their own empowering insights and awareness and hold them accountable for the commitments they make to themselves. Together we build a plan that will help not only realize their goals, but experience and celebrate their successes along the way.  I also help and encourage my clients to be patient with themselves. 

 Tomorrow is day 36.  Hang in there. It’s the only way to achieve your goal.  And don’t forget help is just a phone call away. Hire a coach to help you design your path to success. I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you towards realizing your goals. Give me a call to schedule your complimentary session.

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