180 Days and Counting

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Well, today’s the day.  We’re officially 6 months in; The year began 180 days ago.  So how’s that plan going for reaching your goals and changing your life? 

For those of you pacing on schedule or are ahead of where you wanted to be, congratulations and you are hereby excused.  Although I would humbly ask that you share your secrets if you will in the comments section of this post for the rest of us who need some super inspiration about now.

 For the rest of us who day 180 has somehow snuck up on us, we have some catching up to do. 

 The first thing we’re going to do is what we’re not going to do.

 1. We are not going to beat up on ourselves for not reaching a milestone.  Be kind to yourself.  However, in doing that, understand and acknowledge what you allowed to get in the way.  For some, the reason will be life, plain and simple. Because, well, stuff happens; Illness, family emergencies, family needs, demands at work. 

For the rest of us, I’ll speak for myself,  I took my eye off of my goal and more importantly the reason I set the goal in the first place.    I didn’t stay focused.  Part of that focus was checking in with myself everyday to see how I was doing.  I started keeping track in my head and making assumptions instead of recording the facts on paper to see in black and white. 

 2.    Get back on track immediately not tomorrow.  “I’ll start tomorrow” are the most potent goal defeating words.  Pull that plan out and revisit your goals and the reasons behind them.  Redo your timeline.  The February 25 post of YOU 3.0 suggested developing an AIM SMART plan.  (http://www.coachdgrayyoung.com/you-3-0/prioritize-dreams/)

3.  To help you get back on track, figure out what you need to stop doing that is sabotaging your goal. For one of my goals, its potato chips plain and simple. 

4. What are you doing that is working well for you?  Whatever that is, keep doing it and step it up.  For me, I need to work on one of my goals a little bit everyday.   I now keep a check list on my keyboard to help remind me of what I need to do next.  This helps me prioritize the tasks associated with a couple of major projects and goals that are important to me.  It also gives me a sense of the progress I’ve made. 

5. Get an accountability partner.  Someone who can support you in achieving your goal while holding you accountable for the commitments you make to yourself without judging you. 

 That’s it.  5 steps.  Get started.  Check in with me mid week and let me know how it’s going.  Post your tips and insights in the comments section.

 Good Luck.  And don’t forget…

 Believe and live forward.


Empowering question of the week: What is the first thing you will do to get back on track?

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