125 Days and Counting

We are 125 days in or half way through the second quarter of 2013.  How’s that plan coming? By now, one of three things has begun to show up: 

  • You have reached or passed major milestones toward your goal
  • You are behind schedule due to old habits of procrastination having seeped back into your routine
  • You are stuck and not sure how to get back on track.

This would be a good time for a booster shot even if we are on track.  With the weather threatening to change and seduce us into spending more time outdoors (unless you live in Minnesota with 18 inches of snow in May. YIKES!), remaining vigilant becomes more critical.

Fun is a good thing, its good for clearing your mind and stimulating imagination and creativity, but we need to manage the time it takes away from our commitment to achieving our goals.

As noted in the 35 Days and Counting post earlier this year, a good plan takes into account both peaks and valleys of energy and enthusiasm you might experience.http://www.coachdgrayyoung.com/blog/125-days-counting/

If you’re stuck and your end-goal is becoming ever more elusive, do what the pros do; call a coach.  Enlisting the services of a professional coach can help you design a path to success.

As a professional coach, my commitment to my clients is to listen to them intently, guide them to their own empowering insights and awareness and hold them accountable for the commitments they make to themselves.

 Tomorrow is day 126.   Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. It’s the only way to achieve your goal.

“There is a new “Life Code” in today’s world that calls for different strategies, and if you want to win big, you have to play big, now”  notes Dr. Phil McGraw in his new book, Life Code.

Give me a call to schedule your complimentary session. I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you towards realizing your goals.

In the meantime, think and believe forward.



Empowering Question of the Week:  What will you do this week to get back on track?

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